La Federación Provincial de Asociaciones de Personas con Discapacidad Física y Orgánica de Sevilla

La Federación Provincial de Asociaciones de Personas con Discapacidad Física y Orgánica de Sevilla (COCEMFE Sevilla) es una Organización No Gubernamental, sin ánimo de lucro y declarada de utilidad pública, constituida en el año 1985, que en la actualidad engloba a 46 asociaciones miembros de Sevilla y su provincia.

Destacan entre nuestros fines la promoción y la defensa de los derechos de las personas con discapacidad, la coordinación de las asociaciones que la integran, el fomento de actuaciones encaminadas a lograr la normalización e integración de las personas con algún tipo de discapacidad física u orgánica en la sociedad, y la mejora que les garantice calidad de vida. Otro de los fines es promover los derechos e intereses de colectivos como el de las personas con discapacidad física en edad infantil o juvenil, de los gravemente afectados y de la mujer con discapacidad física, en orden a superar la doble discriminación por género y discapacidad que padecen.

Asimismo, entre sus principales objetivos la atención directa a toda nuestra red asociativa, a través de las distintas áreas que prestan servicios  de accesibilidadeducación/formaciónsocialempleojurídicoocio y tiempo libreadministración y gestiónprogramas europeoscomunicación.

OZARA d.o.o

Ozara storitveno in invalidsko podjetje d.o.o.

OZARA d.o.o. is specialized in training, employment, rehabilitation, social inclusion of vulnerable groups, different production and service activities, employing people with disabilities, providing workshops for development of  personal, social, vocational skills and competences. We work closely with all relevant institutions such as Employment Service of Slovenia, Ministry of Labour, Family, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities, have a well-developed network of employers within the rehabilitation programme.


Turin Institute for the Deaf Foundation ONLUS

Founded in 1814, the Turin Institute for the Deaf works from its foundation with deaf people, deaf people with multiple disabilities and blind people from kindergarten to adult age. It is really involved in the training of educators facing the education of pupils with sensory disabilities. The Turin Institution for the Deaf is an institution providing a wide range of services and activities, for deaf, hard of hearing and other linguistic and cognitive impaired children and adults, such as:

  • Adult education for deaf and hard of hearing;
  • Vocational training and vocational guidance for young deaf , blind, autistic and other disabled adult students;
  • Speech therapy and LIS programs and early intervention programs;
  • Recognized National Provider of training for teachers;
  • Home housing for deaf adults at risk of multiple discriminations;
  • Kindergarten for Deaf and hearing children;
  • Special need teachers and educators service in mainstream schools supporting students in collaboration with the local social services and school authorities;
  • Specialized library on Deafness and documentation center for teachers and parents;
  • Special projects for the inclusion of deaf people in the society in the view of universal accessibility, with a focus on museum and cultural institutions;
  • Projects with the Universities in the fields of researches, language rehabilitation and social services; European and international projects;
  • Specialized tutoring for students with disabilities enrolled in the 3 public universities of the region;
  • Language classes: Italian, English, sign languages;

In 2008, the “Gelisim Education Culture Health and Social Service Foundation”, which attempted to establish a Vocational School named “Istanbul Gelisim Vocational School”, started its education life with the Vocational School established on 14 June 2008 by the Ministry of National Education and the Council of Ministers. With the law numbered 6114 dated February 17, 2011, Istanbul Gelisim University was established in the 2022-2023 academic year with 6 Faculties, Graduate Education Institute, 2 Vocational Schools and 2 Schools with the step taken to become a “world university”. Istanbul Gelisim University, which grows every year with solid steps taken with the aim of becoming a university that has a voice in the world, is one of the most preferred universities among Turkey’s foundation universities. A total of 65 programs of Istanbul Gelisim University, which cooperates with leading institutions in its field and attaches great importance to internationalization in order to achieve global success, have been thoroughly examined and accredited by international delegations appointed by German, British and American accreditation institutions such as AQAS, AHPGS, ABET and PEARSON. Having achieved the success of being the university with the most accredited programs in Turkey, Istanbul Gelisim University has attracted worldwide attention with the steps it has taken to become international. Advocating that higher education is the most important tool for sustainable development, IGU offers education and training opportunities to its national and international students with 6 Faculties, 2 Schools, 2 Vocational schools 76 bachelor’s Programs, 58 associate degree daytime programs, 34 associate degree night programs, 32 thesis / 30 non-thesis graduate programs, and 6 Ph.D. programs. Cooperating with more than 100 world universities Istanbul Gelisim University is also motivating its undergraduate, associate degree, graduate and doctoral students to become international. Istanbul Gelisim University offers its students a huge research complex consisting of over 100 laboratories in the campus area in Istanbul, one of the financial and commercial centers of Turkey and the world. IGU has 22 research centers and 81 student clubs that allow students to engage in social, cultural, scientific and sports activities outside of the classroom. We will be happy to cooperate with you, our external stakeholders, within the rapidly growing and developing dynamic structure of our university.


    European Society for Quality and Safety in Family Practice

    The World Organization of Family Doctors (WONCA), founded in 1972, is a global not-for-profit professional organization with 130 Member Organisations representing 600,000 family doctors in 150 countries and territories around the world. The European Regional Branch – WONCA Europe – represents 47 member organisations and +120,000 family doctors in Europe. The European Society for Quality and Safety in Family Practice (EQuiP) is WONCA Europe’s network for quality improvement and patient safety. The aims of WONCA Europe and EQuiP are to improve the quality of life of people through fostering high standards of patient safe care in primary health care, by providing a forum for exchange of knowledge, ideas and information, encouraging and supporting the development of academic organizations of family doctors, and not at least representing the educational, research and service provision activities of family doctors before other world organizations and forums concerned with health and medical care. Research and knowledge transfer are integral parts of EQuiP’s activities.


      We are the Biscay Coordinating Federation of People with Physical and/or Organic Disabilities, founded in 1979 with the aim of coordinating the work of different associations to achieve the inclusion of women and men with physical and/or organic disabilities in all areas. of the society.

      FEKOOR was born from the union of the 18 main associations of people with physical and/or organic disabilities in Bizkaia, and we represent more than 8,700 associated people in this Historical Territory.

      The Federation is a non-profit entity declared of public utility by the Basque Government (Decree 239/1995 of April 11) with a vision of the future based on three axes:

      1. People with physical and/or organic disabilities and their support networks, their environments and society.
      2. The services, programs, activities, supports and opportunities.
      3. The organization itself: FEKOOR.

      FEKOOR has been developing a profound action in defense of the rights of people with physical and/or organic disabilities, with a firm foundation in the Independent Living Model itself. A model that is being applied in accordance with the following purposes:

      • cause a profound change in the way of thinking, understanding and experiencing disability,
      • achieve a paradigm shift in our society towards a culture of Independent Living in conditions of full freedom and equality,
      • ensure that all people, whatever their abilities, can choose their life and participate in the community,
      • promote an active citizenship committed to universal accessibility, full equality of opportunities and a profound social transformation.


        The Federation of Associations of People with Physical and Organic Disabilities of Community of Madrid (FAMMA – Cocemfe Madrid)

        The Federation of Associations of People with Physical and Organic Disabilities of Community of Madrid is a Non-Governmental Organization, non-profit and declared of public utility, established in 1988, which currently includes 47 member associations of Community of Madrid

        FAMMA aims to improve the quality of life of the people it represents and their families, promoting their personal autonomy, their active participation in society and their decision-making, in accordance with the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

        Likewise, among its main objectives, direct attention to its entire associative network, through the different areas that provide services of accessibility, education/training, social, employment, legal advice, leisure and free time, administration and management, European programs, communication.

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